[SGVLUG] Any VMware users out there?

matti mathew_2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 23 15:14:56 PDT 2009

fyi - 

iirc, from a few VM presentations at various conferences:

1) Games which attempt to directly access the video card
will have issues.... ( some games basically need to have
admin level access, aka "root" level, to the hardware iirc )

in fact
2) Any application which attempts to directly access 
SOME particular hardware on the system which do not
have appropriate enough driver support for VMs will have 
issues. This can include bar code scanners, and other
hardware essential to biz operations.

to resolve performance issues:
1) RAM, lots of RAM
( thankfully, that's super cheap now.. :)

would be nice to see more systems supporting

2) separate hard drives.

many presenters had external mini-HDs with
their laptops from which they ran the VMs,
and recommended desktops which use VMs to
have separate HDs for performance issues.



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