[SGVLUG] La "computer fair" only at Pomona now?

matti mathew_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 19 16:57:04 PDT 2009


> Is this the "TRW" swapmeet?  (or on the same level) If
> so, I've been
> there a couple of times, as I recall most vendors are
> selling used
> equipment (or more focused on radios rather than
> computers), but thanks
> for the pointer -- I'll probably go there :)

yes, lots of used stuff. tho iirc some new stuff also.

frustrating that the old used stuff got taken apart
and the vendors sell the parts for more money
than they can get for the entire unit.
( i.e. customers pay more, get higher chance of failures.)

yes, I like seeing the parts and used to enjoy the
computer faire at pomona.

Honestly, newegg.com and mwave.com seem to have beaten
the prices at the Computer Faire quite sometime ago.

the price of admission, the price of parking, the
higher prices of parts all turned me off.
( they charge a LOT of money to the vendors
for booths.. it was hard for the vendors
to make $ with computer hardware, the margins
too low the rent too high..  thus a lot of the
vendors I used to see there stop going.)

Watch slickdeals.net and you will sooner or later
get some really good deals from newegg.com

fry's - the place we love to hate... 
and now we know why they had such crap on sale:

Fry's exec accused of $65 million fraud to pay off gambling debts
[ I still don't like to buy there.. even tho I
[ feel like a kid in the candy store when I visit.

here's a few deals I just spotted via slickdeals

oh, and cheap this one out for cheap ram:

doing a search on newegg on slickdeals I noticed a few other
worthwhile posts:



Newegg typically has some deals during special holiday 
events (like blackfriday), keep an eye out and sooner
or later they will have a nice case/powersupply available.



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