[SGVLUG] SCALE on the air!

Jeff Carlson jeff at ultimateevil.org
Wed Feb 1 20:11:56 PST 2006

As if you hadn't heard enough about SCALE, here are two more
opportunites - and they're both analog :-)

SCALE Conference Chair Ilan Rabinovitch and SCALE Marketing Chair Orv
Beach will be on WebMaster Radio on Thursday, February 2nd.  The show
starts at noon Pacific time and runs for an hour.  The show topic will
be the So Cal Linux Expo. ("All SCALE, all the time!")  In addition to
Ilan and Orv, David Uhlman from Uversa, Jason Faulkner from the
OpenDocument Fellowship and Adam Loughran from Novell will be on the
show.  All three organizations will be present at SCALE, so it should
be an interesting show!  You can 'tune in' WebMaster Radio at
http://www.webmasterradio.fm/ .  They offer three different streaming
protocols at three different streaming data rates.

Then on Saturday, February 4th, Orv and Gareth Greenaway, the SCALE
Community Relations and Facilities Chair, will be on KPFK's Digital
Village.  Digital Village is KPFK's weekly show about technology,
computers and the Internet, hosted by Ric Allan and Doran Barons.  The
show starts at 10 a.m., and Gareth and Orv will be on the last half
hour to talk about Open Source software in general and SCALE
specifically.  You can tune in KPFK at 90.7 in the Los Angeles area,
or listen to their streaming audio at http://www.kpfk.org/ .  They
also are a Linux-friendly radio station, offering streaming audio in
MP3 format.

Tune us in! 

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