[SGVLUG] GPGPU and CUDA programming - developer resources websites

Charles N Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Wed Jan 27 10:45:27 PST 2010

Robert Leyva wrote:
> Greets,
> I have been curious about Nvidia CUDA (parallel programming) recently, and
> found these two resources, that might be of interest:
> http://www.multicoreinfo.com/2009/07/parprog-part-8/
> http://gpgpu.org/developer
> ...just wanted to share.
> Me


Thanks for these links.

I have been investigating parallel coding as well. Would folks be 
interested in a parallel programming lab?

I have a ps3 running linux:

and an nvidia card:
charles at main-server:~] lspci | grep -i VGA
26:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G98 [GeForce 
8400 GS] (rev a1)
charles at main-server:~]

I also have an ATI stream compatible card.

Perhaps putting something like boinc in front of them and letting people 
submit jobs would be useful?

What if others put their ps3 or cuda/stream compatible cards into the fray?

If this is something people are interested in, I'm happy to host a 
blog/wiki for folks to document stuff.

I'm more of a sysadmin, but lately I've become interested in things like 
MapReduce, Hadoop etc. So I can setup infrastructure, and do basic 
verification jobs but need to learn more about the coding side of things.

Charles N Wyble
Linux Systems Engineer
(818)280-7059 charles at thewybles.com

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