[SGVLUG] Job postings on our siite (yes, we have some!)

Emerson, Tom (*IC) Tom.Emerson at wbconsultant.com
Tue Oct 21 12:07:11 PDT 2008

[reposted -- apologies if this duplicates, but I don't see this in the
archive so I suspect the account I posted from has bounced too many
times and was un-subscribed...]

I just received (and posted) a job offering for our "classified" section
of our website.  This offer comes through a headhunter offering cash for
referrals, so I've put up the offer for one month.  Since I don't know
the guy nor have any experience with him or his company, feedback
[positive or negative, public or private] is appreciated.

Since SGVLUG doesn't have any need or use for money at this point [we're
a natural "non-profit", if you will...] I'm not laying claim to any part
of the bounty this guy is offering, HOWEVER... it wouldn't hurt to
mention to him, should you find a suitable lead, that you found this
offering through our group, and some /appropriate/ schwag for the group
might not be a bad idea  ("appropriate" here does NOT mean "advertising
material for the headhunter company" ;) )


p.s. if you go up a level in the classified tree, you'll see anoher
listing looking for a DBA -- this comes from one of our longtime/regular
members and past presenters: Claude Felizardo :) 

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