[SGVLUG] home automation question - maybe asterisk?

Mike Fedyk mfedyk at mikefedyk.com
Mon Oct 2 14:15:29 PDT 2006

You probably want bayonne since it supports more hardware because it 
doesn't focus on PBX or call routing, but voice/dtmf response where full 
duplex isn't a requirement.


Claude Felizardo wrote:
> Asterisk might be overkill but I'm looking for a simple way to use the
> unused 2nd line at home to control the computer using DTMF via modem.
> I can get it to work if it has line power but I want to use the 2nd
> line feature of my cordless phones.  While not Star Trek, it would be
> cool to pick up any extension and punch in some commands and have it
> act on it.   Voice command would be even better.  Having to bring up a
> web browser just to turn off all the lights outside takes too long but
> if I could use a phone that would be much quicker.   Simple scenario:
> hear noise in middle of night, pickup phone extension in bedroom, hit
> a few keys and turn on all the lights but the bedroom lights using
> x10.
> Now I don't need VOIP so that's why I'm guessing Asterisk would be
> overkill but it looked like the menu-ing system would be handy.  I
> just need a way to interface the existing analog phones in the house
> to the computer.  Suggestions?  Links?
> claude

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