[SGVLUG] The price of (near) success?

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My understand is that the Show is getting smaller, from two buildings down to one. This would be one reason, the other is probably a county superbisor named Zeb.
The let there biggest money maker (made more than all the other shows combined) besides the September Fair season, get banned. Now the people that are running the concession are strugeling to keep it afloat. It would not suprise me if in the next five years the property is sold for development.

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On 10/3/05, Emerson, Tom <Tom.Emerson at wbconsultant.com> wrote:
> The folks that run the popular computer "swapmeet" better known nowadays as the "L.A. computer fair" seem to be in a bittersweet position:  Earlier this year, they announced that "sundays" in pomona were cancelled for the rest of the year (for unspecified, but easy-to-guess reasons).

My guess is that they did not want to pay the fair grounds for the
extra day. But there is now way that they could get as many people
through in one day.

> Now, they've reversed themselves and starting with October 30th, sundays have been re-instated (due to popular demand, or so they claim, which is counter to the reason why they stopped them in the first place)
> there is a show scheduled for this saturday the 8th as well, but apparently too short a notice to get vendors to commit to sunday.

Personally cancelling Sundays pissed me off, as Lots of times I have
stuff to do on Saturday.

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