[SGVLUG] looking for a rack-mount case -- anyone got one gathering dust?

matti mathew_2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 18:07:40 PDT 2005

I would love to find a good source for affordable
rackmounted cases...

the frustrating thing is the price premium,

and I've noticed that a lot of used equipment
get's parted out - making more $ that way
for the seller - but reducing the reliability
of the components. (the last "TRW" swap meets
were like that.. what! $40 for a old CPU! $40
for an old MB! Case $40, Power Supply. .. 
by the time you add it up.. ouch.)


> I got one at the ACP swapmeet. http://www.acpswapmeet.com/  There is
> a 
> company down there that had a lot o' used equipment, including cases.
>    I havent been down there in a year or so, so I dont know if they
> are 
> still around.  There actual company was right there, in the more 
> business park section.  They rolled out pallets and racks of stuff to
> sell.
> The downside of the ACP swapmeet was that it was just last week, and
> the 
> next one is not until after thanksgiving......
> jr
> john riehl

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